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July 28th, 2017 Posted by News 0 comments on “5 SAFETY TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL DRIVERS”

1. To create a “Culture” of safety it must become part of every action you take

o Being safe is not an ON/OFF switch, it must be part of your great habits
 -Culture defines who you are, and not what you do

2. Slow down and do it right

o Doing it right will not add time to your day
 -Pre-trips cannot be emphasized enough

3. Plan your work, Then work your plan

4. You are a professional truck driver and are held to a higher standard

o Be aware of your surroundings
o Make sure you are always checking all “6” sides of your trailer
 -Check the top and bottom of the trailer
o Maintain steady, safe speeds and following distances

5. Remember the SMITH System principles – (All good kids like milk)

o Aim high in steering
o Get the big picture
o Keep your eyes moving
o Leave yourself an out
o Make sure they see you (make eye contact, lights on, etc.)